Preserve Your Memories

Do you have old home-made records, such as the ones pictured above? Or do you have old reels of tape that you have never been able to listen to? Do you have videotapes of special events that you would like to save on DVD? Do you have broken cassettes or 8-track tapes that you would love to listen to again? Do you have boxes of old photos, negatives, or slides that need to be preserved and copied to family members? Do you need help with your genealogy?

I can help you preserve your memories!

Home-Made Records

I can copy your old records, no matter what size or recording speed. I can then remove the scratches, crackle, and other noise digitally. Then I can put the recordings on CDs so that they will be preserved. I can also convert the recordings to MP3 format for use on portable players. If you have commercially produced records, I can make a legal backup CD for you to play, as long as you always keep the original records.

Reel-to-Reel Tapes

You may have heard that recording tape only lasts 10-20 years. I have successfully recovered recordings from tapes almost 50 years old. I can record your old reel-to-reel tapes onto my computer, remove the tape hiss and rumble, enhance the sound if necessary, and put the recordings onto CDs.

I have also found surprises on old tapes. I had some tapes that a relative had recorded in the 1960s. That relative gave the tapes to my father to record over. My father recorded over some of them. Both tape recorders were monaural, meaning they recorded on one track instead of the two tracks used for stereo. The heads were misaligned on one or both of the two tape recorders, so the original recordings survived as reversed recordings on the second track. I was able to recover 100% of the original recordings that my father had recorded over.

Cassettes and 8-Track Tapes

I can record cassettes and 8-track tapes just the same as the reel-to-reel tapes. If the tapes are broken, I can repair them. If the tapes are commercial recordings, I can still make a legal backup CD for you to play, as long as you keep the original tapes.

I read an article a while back that said if your cassettes are 10 years old you should just trash them. I am in the process of digitizing my own personal cassette collection, and some of them are almost 40 years old. If the tapes are commercial recordings and are in good shape, in most cases I can produce CDs that sound as good as new CDs. If the tapes were recorded off the radio or TV, and you wish to know when they were recorded, I can sometimes do a little research and find out. For example, if a radio recording contains part of a news report, I can find out the date that news report aired. If there is just music, I can research when those particular songs were being played on the radio. I have found exact recording dates for many of my personal tapes (the ones that I failed to record the dates for originally).


I can record standard VCR tapes and VHS-C tapes onto my computer. I can divide the video into segments based on content. If the picture is too dark, I can lighten it. If the sound is noisy or not loud enough, I can edit the sound separately. I can put the video onto DVDs with menus and titles. I have successfully recorded videotapes over 20 years old.

Old Photos

I can scan your old photographs and put them on CDs. I can also make high quality prints of any size (up to 8x10) or make custom slide shows on DVDs. I can touch up the digital copies to repair tears and flaking. If the photos are overexposed or underexposed or just faded, I can fix them. If color photos have changed in color, I can readjust the color. In addition to scanning photographs, I can also scan negatives and slides. If you have negatives and prints of the same photos, the negatives will usually give better results. Color photographs fade and change colors, but the negatives donít. If your photos are in albums, I can remove them, scan them, and remount them. I can also put them in new albums, or I can make new prints and mount them in new albums.


I have been doing genealogy and history research for over 40 years. I know how to do research the old-fashioned way, by searching courthouses, visiting old cemeteries, and conducting interviews. I also know how to do research on the internet. I have been researching online for over 20 years. You can Google my name and find numerous references to my family research, whether it's my answers to queries or quotations from my writings over the years. I live in northeastern NC, so I can do local old-fashioned research in NC and southeastern VA. I can search further afield if necessary. I have done genealogical research in many of the counties in eastern NC and in the State Archives in Raleigh, NC. I can check online records for the entire country. I am very thorough, and I document everything. If you need help doing your own research, I can take what research you have and advise you on where you should look next.

For all of these areas of memory preservation, I will keep backup copies for your future use. I will upgrade the backups to new media whenever the technology changes. If you do not wish for me to keep backups for you, I can send you all of the original files for your own safekeeping.


Let me help you preserve your memories for generations to come. You can contact me via email or, if you live in the Elizabeth City, NC area, you can call me at 252-267-6620.

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